Tax Preparation
We prepare federal income tax returns as well as returns for all 50 of the United States. No matter how complex your tax situation is, whether you have multiple small businesses, rentals, stock gains or residence sales. We can help. We also offer electronic filing for the state of North Carolina.

We prepare your income taxes with you in mind. Let us ask the questions about your deductions. Quite often you have many write offs you never knew existed. We take the time the bigger franchises don’t… to help you get all the refund you deserve.
Our firm professional prepares thousands of personal income tax returns per year. It doesn’t matter if you have a simple return where you are just looking to get your earned income credit or a return with multiple small businesses, rentals, capital gains, retirement income, dividends & interest income or any other form of complication… We can help. No return is too simple nor to complicated.

Our fees are based on the forms used and the complicity of the return. The more schedules and work that is required to accurately prepare your return, the more your tax preparation fee. We DO NOT prepare extra forms just to inflate your fee. We prepare only the forms that are required by the IRS and forms that benefit your tax situation.

Financial Consulting
A properly structured financial plan enables you to face any financial challenge that may present itself at each stage of your life. Through the financial planning process, we can help you assess your financial needs and develop strategies that well enable you to achieve your goals and strengthen your financial security.

Notary Public
1. Acknowledge signatures;
2. Administer oaths and affirmations, and;
3. Verify or prove signatures.

A customer’s physical presence is absolutely necessary for notarization. The person(s) taking an oath, acknowledging a signature, or signing a document being verified under oath must be physically present at the time of the notarization.